Rhetorical Analysis

In this story, a person named Evelyn tells her own experiences with language and writing. She grew up in a family that spoke Spanish, but when she started going to a school where they spoke English, it was hard for her to write. She had trouble with making paragraphs and felt sad when a friend was really good at writing. But with the help of her teachers, she got better at writing in English over time. Evelyn also talks about how being able to speak two languages helped her and how she wants to keep getting better at both Spanish and English. Evelyn tells a story about how she knows two languages, and how it was sometimes hard for her to learn English in school. She talks about different teachers who helped her, and she shares how she felt frustrated sometimes. Evelyn gives examples, like how her fifth-grade teacher helped her, and how her senior year teacher had rules about language. This way of telling her story helps us understand how she got better at speaking and writing, and makes the story interesting and relatable. I found this interesting because her sharing her experience being bilingual helped her develop the idea that it’s difficult to know two languages, and it also helped to introduce the other people in her story that affected her learning. This rhetorical tool that she used brought me into her world and the experience that she was trying to describe.