Self Assessment

Over the course of the English class, I’ve witnessed substantial growth in my analytical and expressive abilities. Engaging in discussions about literary works has not only broadened my understanding of the texts but has also honed my communication skills. One significant example is the discussion centered around “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes. Initially, I struggled to articulate my thoughts, but through active participation and constructive feedback, I learned to investigate  deeper into the themes, making meaningful contributions to the conversation.

Similarly, the discussion on Frederick Douglass’ ship story provided a platform for me to sharpen my critical thinking. Initially challenged by the complexity of Douglass’ narrative, I gradually developed the ability to dissect intricate passages and extract nuanced meanings. Through this process, I not only enhanced my comprehension skills but also gained confidence in expressing my interpretations, fostering a deeper connection with the text and my peers.

The evolution in my writing skills is evident in the first draft of my literacy narrative on perfectionism. Initially, my writing lacked cohesion and clarity. However, with the guidance and feedback from the instructor and peers, I refined my narrative, creating a more compelling and organized piece. The iterative nature of the writing process allowed me to understand the importance of revising and refining ideas, a skill that extends beyond the realm of literature into various aspects of my academic and professional life.

Reflecting back, this English class has been transformative. The structured discussions and writing assignments not only enhanced my understanding of literary concepts but also fostered a sense of self-improvement. I now approach texts with a critical eye, exploring layers of meaning and drawing connections that were once elusive. The collaborative environment of the class, coupled with the constructive feedback, has shaped me into a more articulate and thoughtful communicator.

As I reflect on my journey in this English class, I am grateful for the challenges that pushed me out of my comfort zone. The progress I’ve made in discussing complex literary works and crafting narratives reflects not only an improvement in my academic skills but also a deeper appreciation for the power of language. Moving forward, I am eager to apply these newfound skills in future endeavors, knowing that this experience has laid a solid foundation for continued growth and success